Girl Power

Acrobats and Flying Acts

It's so nice to have the girls playing outside again.  Maisie is teaching Juliette all the tricks on the swing set... my personal favorite is how they take turns hanging like a monkey.  They've also invented "the spider"... which means Maisie sits on Juliette's lap and they swing.  It's so fun to overhear their conversations.  Mostly they are pretending to be someone else.  Maisie is usually in charge.  Go figure. 

Therapy continues to go well for Juliette.  Today she really showed her occupational therapist how talented she is on the microphone... she also showed off some sweet dance moves.  So funny... and rewarding to see just how far my little girl has progressed !

And finally... a sure sign of spring in our yard is the nesting Dove.  The tale of Dovie continues with her two hatchlings coming into their own.  I was so upset to wake up over the weekend and see that Dovie had left her two babies to fend for themselves.  It took a couple of days for one of them to get the courage / strength up to take off.  I had the opportunity to witness its first flight... it literally stood up, flapped its little wings a couple of times then let go.  Amazing !!  The other little guy/gal wasn't quite ready to leave the nest... it stayed there until this morning.  I saw Mama bird come back to the nest to give a pep talk... I then had to leave to take Maisie to school... when I got back... baby bird had flown the coop.  I wish my little feathered friends a happy life.

She Ain't Heavy... She's My Sister

Maisie has taken to carrying Juliette around on her back.  I think it is really sweet.  She treats her little sister like a delicate flower, looking out for her when she thinks something might be too taxing... like walking down the street !  I absolutely love seeing this caring and selfless side of my oldest child.  As for Jules, she LOVES being catered to, it makes her feel so special.

And speaking of special; earlier this week Kevin took a few days off to spend with the family... the girls really loved to have their dad accompany them to Waterfront Park on a weekday.  We walked on the boardwalk, hit the swings and watch the dolphins.  A perfect day !!

Dancing Queen

Juliette Cuts a Rug ! from Cathy O'Hara Harrison on Vimeo.

Catwalks & Parades

What a busy week !!   Kevin has been working non-stop at Charleston Fashion Week, so on Friday, Dad took Maisie behind the scenes to watch the models get ready for the runway.  I think her visit inspired a few ideas !!  The word "Poser" is being taken to a whole new level.  It was great to watch Maisie see all of the art that is behind fashion.  She is a Fashionista for sure !

On Saturday, we moved from the catwalk to the track where Juliette took part in a Montessori parade.  She joined hundreds of other children as they paraded around a track.  Then she took center stage and cut a mean rug with her fellow classmates as they sang and danced to Russian themed songs.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  Moments before she hit the stage she was clinging to me and crying, not wanting to let me go.  Then the music started and she was the life of the party.
Truly amazing !!   Such a joy to watch my little girl blossom !!  

Fun in the Sun

I absolutely LOVE spring !!  I can't get enough of the fresh air and flowers in bloom... and of course all the fun in the sun !!

Change is Good !

Spring is Here !! So if New Paint and the Norovirus

Spring has sprung in our sunny part of the world and I for one couldn't be more excited.  It is my FAVORITE season... a time to celebrate new beginnings.  I love when I can see the first buds on a tree... the lime green of new growth showing through the dingy brown of decay.  My woodpecker is still here, but now so is Dovie who has claimed one of our palm trees to nest.  She's in a great spot right outside Kevin's studio.  We can look down on her and watch as babies take to the skies.  It renews my own spirit and my quest for adventure.

While we continue to spruce up the house (saying goodbye to Tuscan Sun and hello Greek Isles) the Norovirus decided it was time to make me slow down...  landing me in the hospital with some much needed fluids and drugs.  I will say that the experience is one adventure I could have done without.  Not a walk in the park !!  So as we move forward and I gain more and more strength back... it's time to do A LOT of spring cleaning.  Out with the old... and in with a renewed sense that the world is being reborn and I am so grateful that I am along for the ride.
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