Girl Power

The World is Juliette's Stage

I'm pretty sure we have a future performer on our hands. Last Thursday Juliette ended the Montessori year by joining the "graduates" up on stage to sing and dance.  During every song she made sure that she was in the front.  She was beaming with excitement and pride.  Her big move is to bow.... and she did it over and over again (even before the songs ended).... So funny and heartwarming !  She really feels the music.... and we encourage it !!
I've posted a video below.... it really gets good about :50 in... so enjoy !!!

I Think I Can: A Song & Dance by Juliette

I think I can from Cathy O'Hara on Vimeo.

Swamp Days and Summer Vacation

Last week, Juliette and I went to Cypress Gardens with her class... it's a beautiful swampy area teamed with wildlife.  We rode in boats through the cypress groves, saw alligators, turtles, butterflies and woody the duck.  She loved the adventure.

I can't believe that we are in the last couple of weeks of school before summer vacation.  Juliette has thrived this year at Montessori.  She is now talking in complete sentences (unless she's ordering me around by barking Orange Juice)... otherwise her vocabulary just amazes me... and her speech therapist is quite please too.  She's come so far in just 18 months.  Her summer plans consist of going to the beach, library, children's museum, and a couple of field trips to visit friends.  Her surgery is still planned for June 16th... my mom is coming to help out.

Maisie has excelled in first grade.  She's reading at a 4th grade level.  She loves science and math too.
The transition from Montessori to public school was not easy at first...  She found it hard to follow the rules of the class and quite often would come with color coded chart that was less than stellar.  But by March of this year her behavior (she felt that she could better teach the class and failed to follow rules... that's my girl) is in line and I've had the pleasure of watch my little girl turn into quite the young lady.
She continues to amaze me with her knowledge and her thirst for it.  Her summer plans include a couple of adventure, hippy and gymnastic camps... trips to the library... field trips with the family and I'm sure a couple play dates with her pals.

As for me, I'm working on our Global Family web site.... I'll let you know when it's up and running... I'll be shuffling the kids around town... caring for Juliette after surgery... continuing to keep my house in tip top shape so we can sell it.... (I am READY to go people).. and hopefully visit some dear friends.  On top of it all... I suppose I've buried the lead here.... I am now the "Lifestyle Editor" of a new e-magazine catering to Moms.... It's called NewbyMom... so check it out...

Happy Mother's Day !

What a lucky mom I am.  Two sweet daughters and one great husband made Sunday a very special day.
I got to do whatever I wanted and I wanted to go to the movies with my family.  We saw the documentary "Babies" which chronicles the lives of four infants in different regions / cultures around the world.  Both Maisie and Juliette were captivated !!  I encourage every mom to go out and see this incredible film.  We ended our day at a dear friend's castle (yes real castle) for a cook-out with other families.  It was an eclectic bunch which made the day all the better.   I love life in the lowcountry and will continue to look forward to meeting new and interesting people here and abroad !

The Better to See You With

Today we met with Dr. Gene Howard with the Storm Eye Institute to discuss Juliette's Ptosis.  We've decided to schedule surgery for June 16th to repair her eyelids.  This decision comes months after noticing that Jules is struggling to see.  Her balance is off and she repeatedly bumps into things.  We're excited that our little girl will be in the hands of such a wonderful doctor who is an internationally-renowned ophthalmologist.   He'll be using a Dynarod Sling to lift her lid and attach it to her forehead muscles so that she'll be able to open and shut her eyelids.  I'm hopeful that this surgery will open up Juliette's world even more.  So excited for her to be able to discover the world around her even more.  I'll keep everyone updated !!
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