Girl Power

Weekend Fun

She shoots... and nearly makes it !

Love the intensity in Maisie's eyes

Hula Hoop Girl

Sisters share a moment of love... oh how I love these moments

Fashion show with a friend.  I love Maisie's hand gesture here. 

Jules is not sure about this meal
The weekend was full of fun.  Maisie played her last basketball game.  Although her team lost, she really got into the game.  A big change from last week when she just skipped down the court.. this time her eye was on the ball !!  Not sure what inspired her but we were happy to see that she was having so much fun with her teammates.

After the ball game came a fall festival at school.  Complete with cake walks, bowling, hula hooping, games and lots of free prizes.  Then it was off to a friend's house for dinner and an impromptu fashion show.  Good times with good people !!

Happy Adoption Day 2010

Adoption Day 2008
Guangzhou, China

On November 11, 2008 Juliette Rain was placed in our arms forever.  I'm overwhelmed by the progress she has made in two years time.  Gone is that shell of a child... and in her place... a vibrant, loving and sweet sweet little girl.  Juliette has had a village helping her along the way.  So many caring people from her pediatrician, eye surgeon, to our favorite PT, OT and speech therapists... all have been instrumental in lifting up my daughter so that she can reach her full potential.  She is a treasure and we are so very fortunate to be able to call her our child.

Adoption Day Dance

Armed with her blanket / cape.... Juliette performed an impromptu dance to Chinese music in the kitchen.  Twirling, leg lifts, and bows all around.  After our dance we spent several hours at therapy doing physical and speech work.  Then it was off to dinner with great friends to celebrate our special family day.  We ate dumplings, baby bok choy and edamame.... and it was all topped off with a "bee" cake that Maisie and Juliette helped me make.  Sweet memories.

So smiley
Getting ready to bow !!
We love you Juliette so very much !!

Flying Fairy Wings
Pucker up !!  Her OT (Wendy) just made Jules eat something sour to get her mouth / lips moving !!
Fly Fly Fly Butterfly
Here we are practicing extending arms and legs... keeping her head up and engaging her core.

Fair Time

Ferris Wheel Fun
I love the smile on Juliette's face
Put your hands in the air !!
Mmmmm Cotton Candy
Smiles everyone... smiles

This weekend we took the girls to our local fair.  At first, Juliette was a bit overwhelmed by all of the sights and sounds, but soon enough she got into the spirit and was throwing her hands up in the air on all of the rides.  She was not pleased when she didn't make the height limit and wasn't allowed to go on certain rides.  It hurt her feelings.  I just love the fact that she is a dare devil and wasn't afraid.

Maisie kept telling me it was the best night of her life and I was the best mom in the world... that is until I mistakenly left the cotton candy on a ride.  Boy, did I get an ear full.

Trick or Treat

Tootsie Roll & Cho Chang (Harry Potter Character)