Girl Power


Maisie loved getting her hair washed
Jules is getting close to the action

Asked how she wanted her hair, Maisie told Annie she wanted fringe around her face..
Happy girl with curls
All smiles in the chair

Jules isn't sure she likes sitting still
Pretty girl !!

Today was the first time that both girls actually had a professional cut their hair.  Up until now it's been "Salon Mom."


School hasn't even started but Maisie has a homework assignment to create a timeline of her life.
So we put our heads together and came up with an idea to do individual blocks with pictures and backgrounds.  I asked Maisie what has defined her life up to this point... her answers are in this order (pictured above... going across left to right)
1.  Born in China
2.  Adoption Day
3.  Walking
4.  Starting Montessori
5.  Learning to Read
6.  Celebrating 4th Birthday
7.  Celebrating 5th Birthday (her gift that year was a picture of her sister waiting for her in China)
8.  Adopting Juliette
9.  Starting 1st Grade
10.  Celebrating 6th Birthday
11.  Losing 1st Tooth
12.  Seeing snow for the first time.


Untitled from Cathy O'Hara on Vimeo.

These are a few of our favorite things...

Cathy at 6 (I think)

I was an only child until my brother arrived when I was almost 10 years old.  This solitude led to a very active imagination.  I had an invisible friend I called Janie... and scores of Barbies.  They were my constant companions.  I cut their hair, pierced their ears and took them swimming in the creek behind our house.  I have a special fondness for Barbies to this day and have imparted that bond on to my children.  Maisie could take them or leave them... however Juliette loves to play with them... although she stripes every single one of them to their birthday suits.  Not sure why :)
Mom's Favorite Toys

This morning I asked the girls to surround themselves with their favorite things so that we could capture a moment in time when all that matters is a warm blanket, a good book and a few stuffed pals.
On the top of Maisie's list is her beloved blanket she calls Bink.  The beautiful silk softie was custom made for us by our very talented friend, Paige Hathaway Thorn.  We took her orange and pink creation to China with us 6 years ago and it hasn't left Maisie's side since.  Pictured below is Maisie's first night with us and with Bink.

Maisie is "starfishing" with Bink.
Bink has seen A LOT of love !!  
Bink is now reduced to shreds... but that doesn't stop her from providing nightly comfort to her 6 (almost 7 year old) companion.  She's traveled to China twice, Scotland, NYC and countless trips to visit friends and relatives out of town.

Here Maisie snuggles with a few more favorites.  Pillow, which is called "Pillowy", Baby, and Ladybug.
Recently, Ladybug underwent a name change and is now referred to as "Lola."

Lola is sunbathing in Maisie's room.
Silly Bands, Dolphin & Killer Whale are also on the favorite list.
As well as Rosebud and Peep.  Rosebud is caught in a surprise attack !
Juliette can entertain herself with practically anything.  Her imagination is really starting to take off and if you listen to her in her room she is having full on conversations with her toys.  Baby and Goat are two of her favorites.  But her prized possessions are her blankets (again made by Paige Hathaway Thorn)... There names are One & Two.

Twirling with One & Two
Juliette likes to cook in her kitchen.
Naked Barbies, Goat, Ladybug, Baby and Turtle enjoy a drive.
This is Rosebud.

Goat takes a ride on Turtle.

This is my personal favorite of Juliette's possessions.  She carries it around and sleeps with it.
Maisie tells me she found it on the floor at the Children's Museum... not sure if that's the case, but the shell has been given a name... and it is said with enthusiasm.
I hope it's a long time before my girls lose interest in their favorite things... Childhood is calling !!!

Summer Lovin'

Another visit from the Tooth Fairy... a total of 6 teeth collected so far !

Juliette wants to lose a tooth too !!

Dance party at our local library... both girls are footloose and fancy free.
I love how Jules kicked off her shoes... and of course Maisie couldn't wait to get up on center stage and bust a move !

The girl next to Maisie is breaking it down while M does her best Pulp Fiction (fingers across the eyes) move.  Super Cool !

Making a "Floor Fort" is fun !  Believe it or not all of this stuff if from their beds.  Can you say pack rats?

The girls are pretending to be a pod of Killer Whales !

Riding dolphins and painting at the Children's Museum.

The girls got this starfish from some people who raided the sea... the starfish was still alive and we quickly rescued it and set it free.  We were on a mission to save all the sea creatures... including hundreds of clams that washed ashore.  We spent the afternoon making Clam Sanctuaries, Clam Hospitals, Clam Hotels and Clam Swimming Pools.  It was a great lesson in conservation !
Though our day ended with a trip to the local docks to bring home some dinner.  
The circle of life :

Lions, Tigers, Bears... and Lorikeets

Lorikeet on the head... pure bliss for Miss Maisie

Jules is not so sure....

Two birds in a hand is worth.... what ?

Jules sees elephants for the first time.

The Silverback is as hot as we are... just chillin' out.

Wallaby in hiding

Hello Mr. Eel

Check out this spiney crab... it was HUGE... taller than Jules !

It's day 5 post-surgery... we're going a bit stir crazy... and since we can't go to the beach or go swimming... I decided to pack up the car and drive an hour and a half to the zoo... in 95-degree weather.  Crazy !!  But it turned out to be a very fun day.  The Lorikeets were a HIT !!  So fun to feed these colorful birds who just go crazy for the $2 nectar.... after spending our lunch money on the birds, we were off to find other fun creatures.  My personal favorite... is this GIANT hairy crab.... so creepy and cool at the same time.