Girl Power

Everything is coming up Orcas !

Maisie & Willy
Bedroom Door Decorations
The Orca is in!
No Sharks Allowed (except for Dad, Baze & Uncle Matt)

First it was butterflies, then ladybugs... now Maisie's number one obsession is with Orca whales.
She developed a fondness for orcas this summer after checking out a few books from the library... and watching "Free Willy".... Yesterday she wrote to a conservation group that protects Orcas and asked if she could adopt one.  I asked her where we would put this giant pet... she suggested our pool.

Her stuffed Willy goes EVERYWHERE with her and takes part in most daily activities including circling the table (imagine rounding up fish) during dinnertime.  Willy and Maisie keep me entertained !

Juliette, Maisie & Willy playing "Go Fish"
Maisie, Willy & Juliette enjoying a pizza party in their bedroom.
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Happy Juliette

Occupational Therapy
Happy Girl
Now that Maisie is in school... Juliette and I have the whole day together.  She starts every morning the same way... eating cereal, a peanut butter honey sammy and watching Nemo.  She's become quite the little actress and is able to recite a number of lines from the movie.  She's also using her stuffed animals and other "guys" (little plastic toys) as characters from the movie.  Her favorite quote:
"Nemo!"  You put one fin on that boat..... "Nemo!".... "He touched the Butt!"  Classic line from a classic flick !

Despite the daily Nemo dose... don't think that Jules is in front of the TV all day long... on the contrary.
We have therapy sessions to attend, parks to explore, motor skills to develop, ABC's to recite, books to read and fish to see (at the aquarium... her fav)... our days are filled with wonder and excitement... and Juliette embraces each moment with her ever present inquisitive nature.... and a saying that has become legendary in our household.... "What's that?".... It's uttered approximately 537 times a day !!!!!!
Thank goodness we're able to provide the answers to her inquiring mind !!

New School... New Uniform

Getting Ready for the Big Day
First Day at Buist
Proud Mama

Maisie starts a brand new chapter in her life today as a second grader at Buist Academy for Advanced Studies.  This is a public school that accepts students who test in.  Maisie took the test to enter Kindergarten... she passed but was placed on the waiting list.  2.5 years later... a slot finally opened up.  She had to take another test last week, and scored a 99 on the exam (mom is smiling with pride).... so over the weekend we shopped for school supplies and uniforms... and Maisie had three weeks of
make-up homework to complete (which she did without having to ask).

I walked her in to school today with a sense of pride and slight sadness.  She is growing up so fast.  It really does seem like yesterday that she was my chubby baby.  Now she is a young lady, wearing a uniform, reading on a 5th grade level, obsessed with Killer Whales, and taking a required French language class.  Jeez... growing up is hard on the Mama !!!!