Girl Power

U2, Rock Star, Birthday Girl & a Bumble BeeBirtr

Maisie at U2 @ Giants Stadium !!

Birthday Girl 
Maisie is 8

My Little Bee

It's Killer Whale Time

Summer is here... and to celebrate Maisie saying goodbye to second grade we've been having a series of "stay-cations"... checking into a couple of local hotels (complete with pools of course) and pretending we are on vacation.  The girls LOVE hotels, because all the rules of home go out the window !!  Lots of TV, junk food, staying up late and night time swims :)

Last Day of 2nd Grade
And... speaking of swimming... It's Killer Whale time.  Practices are 6 days a week, with meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I'm officially a swim mom and I LOVE it.  I was on a swim team throughout my childhood.  Such great memories.  I hope Maisie loves the sport as much as I did / do.  She's really coming along and has even won a couple of ribbons so far !!  I am so proud of her.


First Ribbon


Eat my Bubbles

Swimmers Take Your Mark

Springing into Summer

Bike Posse

We have decided that this is going to be the summer of bike riding and swimming.  Our weekends will be spent biking around Charleston and lounging at the pool.  We joined a neighborhood pool so that Maisie could be on the swim team.  She is now an official member of the Northbridge Terrace Killer Whales.  That's right... the Killer Whales.  It is meant to be.  She amazed me at her first practice, swimming like a champ.  This is how I spent my childhood.. and I loved every minute of it.  I am so happy that she has taken to the water and is really into being on a team.  Jules is a bit too young yet, but over spring break, she did learn how to swim under water.  I have two fish in our family and I couldn't be happier!!  Learning to surf is next !!

1st Practice

Maisie & Coach Mike

Love this.. her hands are supposed to be above her head, but she's using the bells as a head rest 

My Swimmer

Stop the Press

The girls received their fair share of press during Fashion Week.  Making it on the covers of Charleston's City Paper and Fashion Wire Press.  Maisie was even stopped and photographed for her choice of couture during Saturday's bridal show.

My Fashionistas

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Juliette's expression is PRICELESS !!
Juliette sees herself on the big screen

I love Maisie's flowing hair !!

Maisie's acting debut

Maisie took center stage in her school play portraying "Little Red" a girl who is taken by the evil dragon and later saved by her sister who was born from a bayberry bush.  After her bow, the actress wanted to wind down with some sushi.  A good night was had by all !

Be very very quiet... we're hunting lizards

On the prowl


Juliette & her lizard pal

Freedom !


Soaking up the sun
Maisie's best boy friend came back into town for a little fun.  I let the girls play hooky from school and we went on a nature hike.  Lizards, rice & gators.... oh MY !!
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Juliette is 5 Whole 5 !!

The Lizard Cake

Happy Birthday to You !

Pure Joy

Juliette turned 5 on February 7th.  I was in San Francisco training for my new job.. so we had a BIG party before I left.  Lots of friends and family in attendance and Juliette couldn't have been more pleased to be the CENTER of attention.

When everyone began signing happy birthday to her, she couldn't hold back and just screamed at the top of her lungs with joy.  What a heart-warming moment.  To know that my child loves life so much.
She's a happy happy happy little girl who is LOVED and CHERISHED !!

Busy Week

Last week I started my brand new job in the dot com world.  I am proud to be part of 
based in San Francisco.  Airbnb helps people travel like a human.  Check it out !

The seals of San Francisco !

Jules is now rockin' some stylish glasses... red like her mama's.  To me she looks so grown up in her spectacles.

Maisie keeps losing teeth.  2 this week.  The tooth fairy has been very busy!!  At the moment she looks like Bugs Bunny!