Girl Power


Talk about the thrill of victory !!  For the first time in her 7 years, Maisie expressed real interest in being on a TEAM !!  We of course jumped on this decision and now we have a basketball player in our family.
Now anyone who knows me realizes that I used to consider shopping my sport... but now... I am a full fledged sports mom.  We arrived early on Saturday for the big game... Maisie's first ever.  Her team is made up of other students from her school ranging from K-8th grade.  They are the White Herons... and their opponent... Red Fort.  After the customary shake of the hands... it was play ball !!   And it was awesome watching little kids run down the court... forgetting to dribble... and trying their best to get a basket.  Thankfully, Maisie's team had a bit of a ringer... and the White Herons won !!

The school uses these games to build team spirit among the various classes... and as a team they are able to score points for their "house" (think Harry Potter).... it was nice to watch the big kids looking out for the little ones and even giving the ball away to allow the younger kids their shot at basketball stardom !!

Pre-game with Jules & Willie
Meeting the opponents
Dribbling down the court

Victory !

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