Girl Power

It's Killer Whale Time

Summer is here... and to celebrate Maisie saying goodbye to second grade we've been having a series of "stay-cations"... checking into a couple of local hotels (complete with pools of course) and pretending we are on vacation.  The girls LOVE hotels, because all the rules of home go out the window !!  Lots of TV, junk food, staying up late and night time swims :)

Last Day of 2nd Grade
And... speaking of swimming... It's Killer Whale time.  Practices are 6 days a week, with meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I'm officially a swim mom and I LOVE it.  I was on a swim team throughout my childhood.  Such great memories.  I hope Maisie loves the sport as much as I did / do.  She's really coming along and has even won a couple of ribbons so far !!  I am so proud of her.


First Ribbon


Eat my Bubbles

Swimmers Take Your Mark

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