Girl Power

Birthdays, Birds, Haircuts, and Walks in Nature

Maisie & Aqua

Juliette & Yellowie

Juliette adores our friend's baby girl Eliot and calls herself a "big sister"

Strike a Pose

Juliette poses for the camera

6 whole 6

Happy Birthday Sweet Juliette

Getting back to nature in the Frances Biedler forest!  

Inside an ancient cypress tree.. too cool !!

Tree Hugger !

Our morning routine consists of the girls getting up on the kitchen counter and using the breakfast nook passthrough as their table.  This tradition came to an end today, as demolition began to open up the kitchen and make room for a new breakfast bar... and mac daddy refrigerator that Kevin so desperately wants.

My brother... aka The Demolition Man

Love the look

My new office loft

I've moved my Airbnb.com office outside to the art studio.  Its a work in progress, but I know it's going to feel great walking OUT of the house and going to opposed to looking at all the dishes and laundry I have to do.
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  1. Kim Says:

    i LOVE the update...the pictures are great....just makes me miss you MORE!!! Please post more often! I LOVE seeing those adorable girls! I can't get over how much they have grown....where does the time go???

    Miss you and love you,

  2. Anonymous Says:

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