Girl Power

Springing into Summer

Bike Posse

We have decided that this is going to be the summer of bike riding and swimming.  Our weekends will be spent biking around Charleston and lounging at the pool.  We joined a neighborhood pool so that Maisie could be on the swim team.  She is now an official member of the Northbridge Terrace Killer Whales.  That's right... the Killer Whales.  It is meant to be.  She amazed me at her first practice, swimming like a champ.  This is how I spent my childhood.. and I loved every minute of it.  I am so happy that she has taken to the water and is really into being on a team.  Jules is a bit too young yet, but over spring break, she did learn how to swim under water.  I have two fish in our family and I couldn't be happier!!  Learning to surf is next !!

1st Practice

Maisie & Coach Mike

Love this.. her hands are supposed to be above her head, but she's using the bells as a head rest 

My Swimmer